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2014 Archived News

August 11 - Chicago wins first national championship: Polowy halts another 9th inning rally

August 10 - Chicago remains undefeated: Will face Philadelphia on Sunday for championship

August 9 - Pharmacists give Matrix a bitter pill: Dramatic ninth inning sees Johnstown come from behind again

August 8 - Bandits Bat Around in Rout: 9-run inning helps end game early

August 8 - See You To-Morrow: Morrow's clutch hit helps Johnstown beat New Orleans for first time in 44 years

August 7 - Chicago Goes 4-0: New Brunswick and Altoona stays alive plus Philadelphia injury update

August 7 - Jesse and the Rippers: Pharmacists rally for six while Cooper stays in control

August 6 - Wednesday Morning Recaps: Philadelphia and Chicago-Metro remain undefeated

August 6 - Photo Galleries Are Now Online: Game action and opening ceremonies

August 6 - Altoona stifles Johnstown: Wise Trailers wins intense game 2-1

August 5 - Tuesday Morning Recaps: Four teams eliminated; Chicago tops New Orleans; Flood City and New York play 4-hours at Point

August 5 - Johnstown wins Opener: Teams exchange big innings but Martella's are bigger

August 4 - Monday Morning Recaps: New York and Altoona score 20 runs; Buffalo gives New Orleans a scare

August 4 - Johnstown draws Youngstown: Seven games to be played at noon

August 3 - Registration Nearly Complete: Final teams now checking in

August 3 - Registration Sunday: Roxbury in good shape -- New coach in Zanesville -- Glaciers survive scare in Toledo

August 3 - The Rookies: Johnstown's Laurel Auto competing in their first tournament

August 3 - The Veterans: Martella's Pharmacy has experience on their side

August 2 - Royal Family: Buffalo looking to claim the crown for legendary owner

August 1 - All 'Bayou' Self: New Orleans only 'Big Four' team competing this year

July 31 - A Family Affair: Livonia entry is a close-knit crew

July 31 - A Big Surprise from the Big Apple: Westchester club advances to Johnstown

July 30 - Full of Energy: Young Brooklyn team will make enthusiastic return

July 30 - Chosen Wise-ly: Altoona club hoping to gain experience

July 30 - The Matrix Reloaded: New Brunswick is healthy and experienced

July 28 - Martella's Pharmacy will be hosts: Plus Brooklyn and Buffalo championship results

July 26 - Running Wild: Chicago-Metro looks strong heading into tournament

July 26 - Playoff Updates: Wise wins in Altoona plus Johnstown, Buffalo, and Chicago

July 24 - Wise wins Game 1 in Altoona: Plus Brooklyn, Buffalo, and Johnstown playoff updates

July 23 - A Shining Light: Startzell's legacy lives on in Philadelphia

July 22 - Martella's and Laurel Auto advance to finals: Plus a new team from Livonia and playoff results from Altoona and Buffalo

July 17 - Cougars close to clinching in Brooklyn: Plus updates from other franchises

Jul 16 - Maryland State also withdraws

Jul 15 - No O's: Defending champs withdraw from tournament

July 12 - Franchise Updates:Martella's wins Johnstown season and more

July 7 - One month until 70th National Tournament

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