2009 Zanesville Regional Champions 2011 Zanesville Regional Champions

Games Record Win% RF RA Diff
5 - 4 0.556 44 47 -3

Joined 2009
First Tournament 2009
Last Tournament 2010
Franchise Status Defunct
Seasons 3
Regionals 2
Tournaments 2
Best Finish 5th
Worst Finish 6th
Average Finish 6th
DNQs 0
Upper Bracket 2
Lower Bracket 0


1st   Finalist 0
3rd   At or above
5th 1
6th 1
9th   Below

About Toledo

Toledo joined the AAABA in 2009 and won the Zanesville Regional with a 3-game sweep over Zanesville and Cleveland. After a mercy-ruled loss to Livonia in their inaugural national tournament contest, the Lake Erie Monarchs responded with a 3-1 win over Philadelphia, a 6-4 win over Columbus, and a 6-3 win over Zanesville, before a 10-5 loss to New Orleans ended their impressive first.

In 2010, the Monarchs opened against New Orleans and this time came out on top, 6-4. However a 6-3 loss to Buffalo at Roxbury bumped Toledo down into the loser's bracket. After a 10-2 win over Altoona, Toledo was eliminated by Chicago-Metropolitan 3-1 at Point Stadium.

Toledo won the Zanesville Regional again in 2011 with wins over Chicago-Metropolitan and Zanesville. However, after winning the championship game, Toledo declined their berth in the national tournament, citing player fatigue. As a result, the Chicago-Metropolitan was allowed to advance to Johnstown.

The fall out from the Monarch's decision not to play in Johnstown was a tipping point in what had become a strained relationship between Toledo and tournament officials. With both sides claiming grievances, the promising, young Toledo franchise is no longer competing in the AAABA.

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