1945 National Runners-Up

2004 Columbus Regional Champions

Games Record Win% RF RA Diff
121 51 - 70 0.421 775 861 -86

Joined 1945
First Tournament 1945
Last Tournament 2014
Franchise Status Active
Seasons 48
Regionals 16
Tournaments 35
Best Finish 2nd
Worst Finish 16th
Average Finish 9th
DNQs 13
Upper Bracket 8
Lower Bracket 14


1st   Finalist 1
2nd 1
3rd 2 At or above
4th 2
5th 1
6th 4
7th 1
8th 4
9th 3 Below
10th 6
11th 3
12th 1
13th 3
14th 1
15th 2
16th+ 1

About Schenectady

Schenectady, New York has had a long but sporadic history in the AAABA. The first team finished 2nd in the 1945 tournament, which was followed with a 5th place finish in 1946. The club did not return to the tournament until 1954 and had only 1 winning season between then and 1960.

The Cosmos Athletic Club returned to the AAABA in 1970 but were winless in the Altoona Regional. Chuck Esmoke's clubs picked up 3 wins in the next 2 years, but failed to qualify in 1973 and the team was absent from the AAABA for 1974 and 1975. The late '70s saw more struggling teams, with only 2 tournaments in 4 years and only 2 wins.

In 1983, Dom Cappuccitti's State Color squad battled to a fourth place finish, including a 22-9 win over Brooklyn. Their two loses came to the finalists, Baltimore and Detroit. The Mohawks represented the team in 1985, 1986 and 1987 and earned 4 wins and a 6th place finish in 1986.

After two years off in the late '80s, Schenectady came back for good in 1990. Bob Godlewski's 1991 Blue Jays club got the reborn Schenectady club off to a good start with a 6th place 2-2 finish. The Blue Jays went 15-10 in their first 5 tournaments and registered a win in each tournament through 2004. The Twin County Cougars were 1-2 in 2005 and still led by Godlewski. In 2006, the team switched to the Polish National Alliance Eagles but managed only 2 wins in 3 years and lost in the 2007 Altoona Regional.

Schenectady did not compete in 2010, but returned to the Altoona Regional in 2011 with Zak Mayo at the helm. The Eagles picked up 2 wins in the regionals, but were eliminated in a wild 18-14 match against Buffalo. Despite not qualifying for the national tournament, the team showed a lively spirit.

The PNA Eagles competed in the national tournament in 2012, which was their first appearance in 2009. However, the team did not fare well in the upper bracket and finished sixteenth. Since then, the Eagles have shown steady improvement with a 9th place finish in 2013 and a 7th place finish in 2014. Last year's club posted their first 2-win tournament in 10 years.

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