Games Record Win% RF RA Diff
180 70 - 110 0.389 1064 1448 -384

Joined 1945
First Tournament 1945
Last Tournament 2014
Franchise Status Active
Seasons 70
Regionals 20
Tournaments 55
Best Finish 3rd
Worst Finish 16th
Average Finish 10th
DNQs 15
Upper Bracket 9
Lower Bracket 14


1st   Finalist 0
3rd 1 At or above
4th 2
5th 4
6th 7
7th 4
8th 7
9th 2 Below
10th 5
11th 3
12th 3
13th 5
14th 3
15th 6
16th+ 3

About New York City

Baseball has always been big in New York, and the City That Never Sleeps has never been caught napping, as they are the only team aside from Johnstown and Baltimore to have competed in every year of the AAABA.

Yet despite such a long history, the New York club sadly has no banners to show for its efforts. They have yet to win a 3+ team regional and have not placed higher than 3rd in the national tournament.

The early New York teams were respectable entries but could not place higher than 6th. Sam Susser's 1952 squad finally got the franchise its 3rd and 4th wins and placed 3rd behind Pittsfield and Holyoke. The Big Apple players then nestled in around the middle of the pack until a string of regional loses and poor national showings from 1968 to 1972.

From the mid-70s to the mid-90s, New York continued to struggle. They lost in 7 regional competitions and finished 11-30 in national tournament play. The last 1990s finally saw some moderate success, as the Long Island Braves had two 6th place finishes in 1997 and 1999.

Part of the struggles with the New York club has been the large number of competing teams in the region. With new coaches and players coming to Johnstown each year, no team could build on the previous tournament's experience. From 2000 through 2009, the franchise had a different representative each year.

In 2010, Jeff Rusoff's Long Island Astros qualified for the AAABA and placed a respectable 7th with wins over Chicago-Metro and Columbus, and loses to Baltimore and New Orleans. The following year and for the first time in a decade, the Astros were able to repeat as champions and returned to Johnstown for another respectable 8th place finish.

New York's history with baseball is unparalleled and the popularity of the sport in the city has certainly helped this franchise maintain its long history with the AAABA.

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