1947 National Runners-Up 1948 National Champions 1953 National Champions 1954 National Champions 1955 National Champions 1961 National Champions 1966 National Runners-Up 1968 National Champions 1971 National Champions 1974 National Runners-Up 1978 National Runners-Up 1984 National Champions 1985 National Runners-Up 1987 National Runners-Up 1988 National Champions 1991 National Runners-Up 1992 National Champions 1995 National Champions 2000 National Champions 2002 National Runners-Up 2004 National Runners-Up 2005 National Runners-Up 2009 National Champions 2011 National Runners-Up

1973 Altoona Regional Champions 1979 Altoona Regional Champions 1985 Livonia Regional Champions 1988 Altoona Regional Champions 1992 Altoona Regional Champions 1995 Altoona Regional Champions 2003 Zanesville Regional Champions

Games Record Win% RF RA Diff
337 226 - 111 0.671 2577 1719 +858

Joined 1946
First Tournament 1946
Last Tournament 2014
Franchise Status Active
Seasons 68
Regionals 14
Tournaments 64
Best Finish 1st
Worst Finish 16th
Average Finish 4th
DNQs 4
Upper Bracket 31
Lower Bracket 1


1st 13 Finalist 24
2nd 11
3rd 8 At or above
4th 8
5th 5
6th 5
7th 4
8th 2
9th 3 Below
10th 1
11th 1
14th 2
16th+ 1

About New Orleans

While most AAABA franchises are located in the north, the southern representation has always belonged to New Orleans. Although other southern teams have come and gone, the New Orleans club has competed in 61 tournaments and have competed in Johnstown ever year since 1983.

The New Orleans Recreation Department has featured several sponsors throughout its history, but the Scheuermann family has been there through it all. Louis "Rags" Scheuermann became a legend in Johnstown as he led the cajuns from 1949 through 1991, picking up 8 national championships and a 130-66 record.

Son Joe Scheuermann took over managing duties in 1992 and promptly won the first of his 3 championships. When coaching conflicts prevented him from leading the team in 2007, the reigns were passed first to Barry Butera, then Brady Benoit, and have now been given to Wilbur Babin, who has led the team since their championship season in 2009. Even with the coaching change, the Scheuermann family remain active in the NORD journey to Johnstown. Grandson Tyler is also the webmaster for the official AAABA website and Facebook page.

New Orleans did not attend the first tournament and finished 9th in Washington, D.C. in 1946. The 1947 and 1948 club was the Saint Aloysius High School Praying Colonels, who were first runners-up and then champions--the first for the franchise.

In 1949, the LaRocca Enterprises team took over and with Rags at the helm, won 3 consecutive championships in 1953, 1954, and 1955. In 1961, the AAABA had their first all-southern final, as New Orleans knocked off Birmingham, Alabama.

The rough patches for New Orleans only lasted a few years. From 1957 to 1960, the club did not place higher than 7th (but won the following year as previous stated). They failed to advance from regionals in both 1964 and 1967 (but were runners-up in 1966). In 1975, the club went winless for only the 2nd time and then did not qualify in 1976.

Since that time (excluding a did not qualify in 1982), the Boosters have failed to achieve a 0.500 tournament only 3 times. As seen in the stats box above, the club's average placement is 4th through 61 tournaments.

The 2000's have been a trying time for NORD fans. While the club has been consistently successful and is always a contendor, they have been unable to get past the strong Washington clubs at the beginning of the decade and today's powerhouse Baltimore team. Since 2000, the team has 11 top-4 finishes, but only 2 championships (the most recent occuring during a year when Baltimore did not qualify for Johnstown).

It is obvious, however, that New Orleans remains one of the best teams in the AAABA. With strong play on the field and a strong tradition off the field, New Orleans has earned many local fans and the respect of opposing teams.

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