Games Record Win% RF RA Diff
26  10 - 16 0.385 147 180 -33

Joined 1945
First Tournament 1945
Last Tournament 1965
Franchise Status Defunct
Seasons 12
Regionals 4
Tournaments 8
Best Finish 4th
Worst Finish 14th
Average Finish 10th
DNQs 4
Upper Bracket 0
Lower Bracket 0


1st   Finalist 0
3rd   At or above
4th 1
7th 1
9th 1 Below
10th 3
12th 1
14th 1

About Harrisburg

Charter member Harrrisburg placed 9th during the inaugural tournament. The team's best finished was the following year in Washington where victories over Cambria County, Johnstown, and Nassau led to a 3-2 record and a 4th place finish behind Baltimore, Washington, and Amsterdam. The franchise won its opening match in each of the next three years, but left the tournament at 1-2 all three times. The 1950 squad finished 2-2.

The franchise returned to action sporadically in the 1960s. After losing in regionals in 1959 and 1961, the representative from Hershey placed 14th in the 1963 tournament. Harrisburg's final win came in 1965 as Penbrook Post 730 beat New Jersey 8-7 at Roxbury. Harrisburg lost in the Altoona the following year.

Harrisburg had been represented by a different team almost every year, including the Penbrook Pop Juniors, Millersburg Juniors, Keystones of American Legion Post 27, Elizabethville, Penbrook Post 730, Hummelstown Legion Post 265, and the Hershey Athletic Association.

The 1947 qualification playoff for the Harrisburg franchise drew 1400 spectators to its fifth and final game. The Millersburg Juniors and Hummelstown entries had split the series through four games (4-3, 0-6, 4-0, 1-2), but the Millersburg team won the final game 6-1 and won the right to advance to Johnstown for the national tournament.

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