Altoona Regional

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New York secured a national tournament bid with their victory over Brooklyn on Sunday. Due to previous obligations from several team members, they were not able to stay and compete on Monday and were forced to forfeit the regional title to host Altoona.

Brooklyn was represented once again by the Bonnie Rams. They had a disappointing showing in Johnstown in 2011, finishing in 12th. Brooklyn last won the Altoona Regional in 2001 but were also winners in 1977. This was Brooklyn's 11th appearance in Altoona. Their previous regional was in 2007 when they finished as runners-up to Washington.

Maryland State--represented by La Plata Post #85--appeared in their 3rd Altoona Regional in four years. The franchise was the Altoona Regional champions in 1984 and 2006. However, they have not registered a win in AAABA competition since defeating Johnstown 5-2 on the second day of the 2008 national tournament. This was Maryland State's 14th Altoona Regional appearance.

New York City was scheduled to appear in Altoona in 2011, but were given Lansing's direct bid when the Michigan club withdrew from the national tournament. As a result, New York returned to Altoona in 2012 for the first time since 2006. There was a new representative for the Big Apple this year, as the Long Island Astros did not compete for the AAABA. New York has never won the Altoona Regional in 11 tries, but has advanced twice as runner-up to Altoona.

For this year, all regional games will be 7 innings.


Altoona (as regional host) and New York City (as regional runner-up) will advance to the national tournament in Johnstown.

Final Standings

Place Franchise Team W L G RF RA
1 Altoona Nittany Oil / Minit-Mart 3 0 2* 18 8
2 New York City Long Island Lions 2 2 3* 19 19
3 Brooklyn Bonnie Rams 1 2 3 21 17
4 Maryland State La Plata Post #82 Blue Dogs 0 2 2 3 17

* - New York forfeited the championship game to Altoona

Game Results

Game Date Day Time Winning Team Score   Score Losing Team Field
1 July 28 Saturday 2:00pm Brooklyn 9   0 Maryland State Juniata Sports Complex
2 July 28 Saturday 4:30pm Altoona 10   2 New York City Juniata Sports Complex
3 July 29 Saturday 11:00am New York City 8   3 Maryland State Juniata Sports Complex
4 July 29 Saturday 2:00pm Altoona 8   6 Brooklyn Juniata Sports Complex
5 July 29 Sunday 5:00pm New York City 9   6 Brooklyn Juniata Sports Complex
6 July 30 Monday 10:00am Altoona   forfeit   New York City Juniata Sports Complex