Frequently Asked Questions

This page has answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the AAABA.

Please note that all of these answers are subject to change each year. We will update the answers if and as new information becomes available.


What does AAABA stand for?

All-American Amateur Baseball Association

When pronounced, say "Triple A-B-A"

Why is the national tournament held in Johnstown?

Originally, the national tournament was to be awarded to a different city each year. Johnstown, Pennsylvania won the inaugural bid in 1945 and Washington, DC won in 1946. However, the tournament was overlooked in a large city such as Washington, and the tournament directors decided that Johnstown was the best fit. The sizeable Johnstown population provided big crowds for the games, but the small-town atmosphere allowed the tournament to take center stage for the entire week.

In spite of its falling economy, Johnstown continues to support the AAABA every August. The Johnstown Oldtimers group raises money to not only promote tournament games, but also to provide meals and lodging for all tournament teams. Local fans attend all tournament games and contests featuring the host teams are especially well-attended.

Due to the strong and continued support of local fans and businesses, Johnstown is now the permanent home for the national tournament.


When is the national tournament this year?

Tournament games begin on Monday August 4th, 2014

When are the regional tournament this year?

Traditionally, any regional tournaments are held two weekends prior to the national tournament. However, since all teams have been given a direct bid to the national tournament in 2014, there will be no regional tournaments held this year.

When do the opening ceremonies begin?

Opening Ceremonies for the national tournament begin Monday evening at 6:30pm at the Point Stadium. The evening game will feature the host Johnstown team and their first round opponent and will begin at 7:30pm. The ceremonies include a parade featuring all competing teams, the AAABA ambassadors, and the Johnstown Corvette club, as well as pre-game speeches and local award ceremonies.

At what time are the games?

Game times for the following day are determined and announced at the conclusion of the night game and posted on this site shortly thereafter.

Due to the expanded brackets in 2014, there will likely be several 10:00am morning games. The majority of games will be played at either noon or 1:00pm. The evening game at Point Stadium will be played at 7:30pm on Monday and 7:00pm all other nights. However, all times are considered 'to be determined' until officially announced.

There are usually 2 or 3 games played at the Point Stadium, first at 10:00am, then at 1:00pm, and ending at 7:00pm. The Flood City entry will play the 1:00pm contest while they remain in the tournament, and the host Johnstown entry will play the 7:00pm contest while they remain in the tournament.


Where do I buy tickets?

Tickes for Opening Night are available at local vendors around Johnstown and through the AAABA Ambassadors. Click here for a list of local businesses selling tickets for Opening Night.

Tickets are only required for games played at the Point Stadium and are available at the ticket windows. Admission to games at all other fields is free.

Where can I park for games at Point Stadium?

There is very limited parking at the stadium for handicapped guests. Street parking is available throughout downtown Johnstown. The Renaissance Parking Garage is located on Vine Street and parking is also available at the base of the Inclined Plane.  Additionally, several local businesses offer parking in their private lots for a fee.

How do I know which teams are playing at which fields?

Field assignments for the following day are announced at the conclusion of the night game and posted on this site shortly thereafter.


How long will it take to travel to the outlying fields?

The drive south to Somerset is approximately 35 minutes from downtown Johnstown and 25 minutes from Richland.

The drive north to Portage is approximately 30 minutes from downtown Johnstown and 20 minutes from Richland.

The drive north to Lilly is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Johnstown and 30 minutes from Richland.

The remaining fields (Point Stadium, Roxbury Park, Fichtner Field, and Westmont) are located within the city of Johnstown are are within 10 minutes of downtown and 25 minutes of Richland.

Will my team play at Point Stadium?

Both Johnstown entries play all of their games at Point Stadium, so any team playing either Johnstown or Flood City will play at the Point Stadium. Other games, including the final rounds of the tournament, will be played at the Point Stadium but the competing teams are not announced until the previous evening.


How do the brackets work?

The AAABA uses a double-elimination bracket, which means that a team is not eliminated until they have lost twice.

When the standard 16-team bracket is used, a team must win 6 games to claim the championship. The first round pairings are drawn randomly. Teams are not seeded, per se, but the 16 teams are split into upper and lower brackets. The upper bracket are teams that finished highest in the previous year's tournament, and the lower bracket are teams that finished lowest in the previous year's tournament. This method was instituted in 1981 to increase parity, at least in the opening rounds. The Johnstown entry--as host--is allowed to choose their bracket regardless of how they finished the previous year.

All national tournament games are scheduled for 9-innings with a 10-run mercy-rule in or after the 7th inning.

How are the first round pairings determined?

The first round pairings are drawn randomly during the players' banquet on Sunday evening.


Where can I find game scores? is the most convenient location to find news and scores on all AAABA national tournament games. Visit our tournament and gameday pages for the most recent scores, including live updates during the national tournament week.

Additionally, scores are posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Locally, the Tribune-Democrat publishes scores and articles for all tournament games. NBC-affiliate WJAC provides video coverage of the Johnstown games. Several out-of-town newspapers also include scores for their community's representatives.

Where can I find player statistics?

Unfortunately, the AAABA does not provide individual player statistics for the games. The Tribune-Democrat includes box scores for games, but compiled statistics are generally not available.

Where can I find live audio or video coverage of the games?

All games featuring the host Johnstown team are carried locally on radio station WNTJ AM 1490 and WLLI AM 990.

Currently, the games are not broadcast online. For the most recent information on game scores, visit our gameday page.


How do teams qualify for the national tournament?

Each franchise represents a local league in its community from which a representative is determined. For most franchises, the representative is the highest-finishing AAABA-eligble team, either from the regular-season standings or following a post-season tournament.

Since there are more than 16 franchises competing, regional tournaments are held prior to the national tournament. Franchises rotate through regional play usually once every three years. The specific franchises which must compete in a regional are determined at the directors' meeting. 

How do I join a AAABA team?

Each AAABA team operates independently and has its own recruitment and try-out procedures. To join a team, we suggest finding your closest AAABA franchise league and contacting the team representatives.

How do I form a new AAABA franchise?

As an independent news site, we do not have information to provide on forming a new AAABA franchise. If you are interested in creating a new or joining an existing AAABA franchise, please contact the AAABA directly at

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