The City of Johnstown and surrounding regions offer many point of interest for travelings to and through the area. In addition to the attractions listed below, there are also plenty of beautiful views, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. When in town for AAABA, consider visiting these local attractions to enjoy the beauty and the heritage in and around Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

General Information

Johnstown Visitor's Bureau
Information on all of the attractions in Johnstown and Cambria County

Johnstown, PA on Facebook
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Johnstown Area Heritage Association
JAHA operates the museums in Johnstown and hosts events throughout the year

Attractions in Johnstown

World's Steepest Vehicular Inclined Plane (CamTran Fares)
The view overlooking downtown Johnstown from atop the Inclined Plane is a must-see for all visitors!
(Located in downtown Johnstown off Route 56)

Johnstown Flood Museum
Learn more about the infamous 1889 Johnstown Flood Located in downtown Johnstown
(Located in downtown Johnstown 2 blocks from the Point Stadium)

Heritage Discovery Center
Journey through the life of 19th-century immigrants as they come to work in the steel mills of Pennsylvania
(Located on Broad Street in Cambria City)

Johnstown Children's Museum
Tthis hands-on history lesson is great for younger visitors
(Located on the top floor of the Heritage Discovery Center)

Wagner-Ritter House and Garden
Take a walk back into the life of 19th-century steelworkers
(Located on Broad Street in Cambria City across from the Heritage Discovery Center)

The Old Stone Bridge
A key landmark in the 1889 Johnstown Flood
(Located downtown behind the Point Stadium)

Attractions outside Johnstown

Allegheny Portage Railroad
The first railroad constructed over the Allegheny Mountains as part of the Pennsylvania Canal
(Located 40 minutes north of Johnstown in Gallitzin)

Johnstown National Flood Memorial
Visit the site of the infamous South Fork Dam
(Located 20 minutes north of Johnstown)

Altoona Rail Roaders Memorial Museum
Learn about the lives and labors of Pennsylvania Railroaders
(Located 60 minutes north of Johnstown in Altoona)

The Horseshoe Curve
This engineering marvel helped the railroads conquer the Allegheny Mountains
(Located 60 minutes north of Johnstown in Altoona)

Flight 93 Memorial
The site of the crash of Flight 93 on September 11th
(Located 40 minutes south of Johnstown)

Quecreek Mine Disaster Rescue Site
Memorial for the incredible rescue of nine trapped miners in 2002
(Located 40 minutes south of Johnstown)


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