Outlying Stadium

Bing Maps aerial of Somerset Name: Somerset High School
Location: South Franklin Avenue
Somerset, PA 15501
First Year: 2012
Infield: Turf
Outfield: Grass
Dimensions: L 310 - C 370 - R 290
Seating: Aluminum bleachers
Parking: Paved on-site

Somerset High School is an outlying field of the AAABA and is the southern-most field used in the tournament. Somerset is located approximately 30-minutes south of Johnstown on Route 219. Seating is limited, but plenty of parking is available in the outfield.

The Somerset field has a unique outfield. As with Point Stadium, the outfield dimensions are restricted by the surrounding roads and terrain. To compensate for the short lines, there is a small hill all around the outfield which is topped by a 15-ft high fence.