Point Stadium

Host Stadium

Bing Maps aerial of Point Stadium Name: Point Stadium
Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
First Year: 1945
Infield: Turf
Outfield: Turf
Dimensions: L 290 - C 410 - R 290
Seating: Seats and bleachers
Parking: On-street and off-site lots

The Point Stadium in downtown Johnstown is the host field for the AAABA national tournament. It is so named because it sits at the at the confluence of the Little Conemaugh, Stonycreek, and Conemaugh Rivers. The original Point Stadium was built in 1927 and was home to many professional teams, most recently the Johnstown Johnnies. It was the second stadium in the country to host a night game. Famous ballplayers such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Frank and Joe Torre, and Ken Griffey, Jr. have all played games at the Point. The Point Stadium has been used in all but two AAABA national tournaments and has hosted at least 922 games since 1945.

In 2006, the stadium was rebuilt, but many of its original quirks were included in the new design. The field is sized to host both baseball and football which creates a deep centerfield. With Johns Street preventing left field from extending beyond 290 feet, the wall is topped with a large screen net dubbed The Screen Monster. The entire screen is in play, so a home run can only be achieved by hitting the ball over the screen. The entire field is turf with a dirt mound and home plate area.

The main entrance to Point Stadium is in center field at the beginning of Main Street, but entrances are also available behind home plate and in left-field by the screen. The AAABA Hall of Fame is also located in centerfield behind the ticket booths. Restrooms and concession stands are available in the concourse on both basesides.

The majority of seating at the Point is plastic bleacher seats, including the new sections in right field. Plastic seats are available behind home plate, as well as some room for lawn chairs. Additionally, the concourse in left-field offers covered seats and standing room.