Johnstown's Wukich tags Philadelphia's Constantini at home

Martella's marches on

Will face rivals from Altoona tomorrow night

By Brian Varmecky

  Johnstown 3 - 0 Philadelphia  Team Logo

    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   R H E
Philadelphia   0 0 0   0 0 0   0 0 0   0
Johnstown   0   0 0 0   0  

Johnstown won a great pitcher's duel on Friday night. Ian Helsel and Ernesto Rizzitano contributed hits and stolen bases to muster three runs against Philadelphia starter Tim Brennan, who pitched a complete game. Johnstown starter Shane Supanick also pitched the complete game and allowed only 4 hits to earn the shutout win. Martella's Pharmacy will now advance to face Wise Trailer Sales from Altoona, while Philadelphia is eliminated.

"It's a humbling experience to have the opportunity to come out as the head coach for the team I once played for," said first year Philadelphia coach Dave Angebranndt. His last trip to Johnstown was in 2008 as a player on Mike Gossner's Bandits team. This was his first year back and first year as head coach of the team. Gossner, who is the Philadelphia franchise representative, was still on hand and giving Angebranndt advice all week as the young coach begins to take the reins of the Bandits AAABA team. Although they did not return to the final round, the Banditstayed until Friday and finished at 0.500 at 2-2, including a win over New Orleans.

Philadelphia's Tim Brennan The team competed in front of a sizeable crowd
on Friday night at Point Stadium
Johnstown Martella's Pharmacy
Shane Supanick

Johnstown manufactured single runs

Martella's started strong in the first and scored the game's first run. Ian Helsel led off with a single and advanced to second on a passed ball. With one out, Nate Negri's blooper to right field was dropped when the firstbaseman and secondbasemen collided. With runners at second and third, Luke Williams grounded out to second base which let Helsel score from third.

Another Philadelphia error contribute to Johnstown's second run. In the third inning, Ernesto Rizzitano was hit by a pitch from Brennan and stole second base. Dillon Boyer's ground ball to the shortstop was thrown into the stands, which moved Boyer to second and allowed Rizzitano to score.

Bandits' pitcher Brennan retired the next 10 batters he faced before allowing a single to Luke Williams. Later, in the seventh and with two outs, Rizzitano singled to left field and once again stole second base. Helsel singled to centerfield to score Rizzitano and give Johnstown a 3-0 lead.

Pitchers were solid all night

Philadelphia's Tim Brennan pitched all nine innings, allowing only 5 singles and 1 walk. He struck out 6 batters. The eighteen-year-old will attend Saint Joseph's University as a freshmen next year. Johnstown's Supanick also pitched a complete game, allowing 3 singles and 1 double with 1 walk and 3 strike outs.

"[Brennan] is going to be a freshmen at college, so to throw the way he did at his age in front of all these people, it's a great experience," said Angebranndt of Brennan.

"That [Brennan] kid was probably the best pitcher we've faced so far," said Martella's Pharmacy manager Paul Knupp. "He mixed his pitched up real well and he throws hard. My kids said there's a lot more velocity than what you think."

"My change-up was cutting pretty filthy," said Supanick. "As the game went on, I started throwing my fastball a little harder. [Coach Pat] Gully talked with me in between innings and helped me with some of my mechanics. I probably picked up another 3 or 4 miles-an-hour on my fastball."

"Shane filled the zone up, he was ahead of hitters, and he drew a lot of weak swings," said Knupp. He chose left-handed pitcher Supanick for this game after seeing the Bandits struggle against Altoona left-handed pitcher Eric Grace on Wednesday. Looking ahead, Knupp says that his pitching staff is in good shape. Rice, Martinelli, and Morder are available, as it Albert who has only thrown one inning. Justin Vardin and Noah Smith have yet to pitch in the tournament and are fresh and available.

Johnstown's Danny Wukich Johnstown's Ian Helsel
was 2-for-4 with an RBI and run scored
Philadelphia's infielders collided
attempting to catch this pop fly in the first

All Philadelphia rallies were halted

Philly had few opportunities to rally, but Johnstown was there each time to prevent a run from scoring. In the third, Jason Mulvey reached second base despite striking out, because the final strike was dropped and the throw to first was too high. He stole third base safely and then tried to score on Austin Constantini's infield hit toward second. However, Ian Helsel quickly gathered the ball and threw out Mulvey at home plate. Steven Wells hit a two-out double in the seventh, which was the game's only extra-base hit. He was stranded when Nick DeFrank flew out to right field.

"That was probably my fault," said Angebanndt in reference to Muvley's out at home plate. "I was over-anxious and said to go on contact. The ball got to the second-baseman too quick and we got thrown out at the plate."

In the eighth inning, the Bandits was robbed by Luke Willliams. After Mulvey led off with a single and stole second, Justin Jacko lasered a shot down the first base line. Williams dove to his left and caught the ball mere inches off the ground, then tossed the ball to second for the double play. Mulvey had assumed the ball would reach the ground before Williams could grab it and had ran to third, where he had to watch in amazement as the Pharmacists doubled him off at second.

"My defense is phenomenal," said Supanick. "I trust my defense. They've made plays for me all year. There's not a better defense in the tournament. That was a nice dive by Luke, and stuff like that really helped me keep my pitch count down so I could go all nine innings."

"That's just a tough reaction type play," said Angebranndt. "You always say to freeze on a line drive, but the situation like that where the ball's traveling low to the ground, it's kind of just an instinctual play, so you can't put the blame on the kid at second base. I wasn't upset with him at all. If the ball does drop, we have a run scored and a guy on third base."

Brennan finished his game by retiring Johnstown in order with a strike out. Supanick allowed a lead off single to start the ninth, but got a ground ball and two fly balls to end the inning and preserve his shutout.

Philadelphia's Steven Wells Philadelphia's Steven Wells slides in safely to first
as short stop Jack Shirk could not hold onto the ball
Philadelphia's Tim Brennan

Unofficial Play-by-Play Recap 

1 - Tim Brennan; 2 - Michael Sulcoski; 3 - Brandon Kirk; 4 - Nick DeFrank; 5 - Shaun Monahan; 6 - Austin Constantini; 7 - Steven Wells; 8 - Jason Mulvey; 9 - Justin Jacko; DH - Beau Fleming

1 - Shane Supanick; 2 - Danny Wukich; 3 - Luke Williams; 4 - Ian Helsel; 5 - Nate Negri; 6 - Jack Shirk; 7 - Dillon Boyer; 8 - Ernesto Rizzitano; 9 - Nemo Trexler; DH - Nathan Neiderhiser

1st INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
3ConstantiniOUT 1 - Ground out 4-3
30JackoOUT 2 - Fly out to second
28KirkOUT 3 - Ground out 4-3
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = no score
1st INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
2HelselHIT - infield single
6BoyerHelsel advances to second to pass ball
OUT 1 - Swinging strike out
1NegriHIT - Single to right field; fielders collide
12WilliamsOUT 2/1-RUN - Fielder's choice 4-3; Helsel scores
9ShirkOUT 3 - Ground out 6-3
1 R 2 H 0 E 1 LOB = Johnstown leads 1-0
2nd INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
21MonahanE6 - Throw pulled first basemen off the bag
25FlemingOUT 1 - Fly out to center
29SulcoskiOUT 2 - Pop out to first base
7WellsBase on balls
8DeFrankOUT 3 - Swinging strike out
0 R 0 H 1 E 2 LOB = Johnstown leads 1-0
2nd INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
5NeiderhiserOUT 1 - Ground out 4-3
23WukichOUT 2 - Swinging strike out
4TrexlerOUT 3 - Swinging strike out
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 1-0
3rd INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
4MulveyE2 - Swinging strike out, throw from catcher to first is high; Mulvey to second
3ConstantiniMulvey steals third base
OUT 1 - Fielder's choice 4-2
30JackoOUTS 2 & 3 - Line drive caught at short, double play 6-3
0 R 0 H 1 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 1-0
3rd INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
24RizzitanoHit by pitch
2HelselRizzitano steals second
OUT 1 - Pop out to second
6BoyerE6 - Short stop throws ball into stands; Boyer to second; Rizzitano scores
1NegriOUT 2 - Fly out to right field
12WilliamsOUT 3 - Ground out 1-3
1 R 0 H 1 E 1 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
4th INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
28KirkOUT 1 - Fly out to right
21MonahanOUT 2 - Ground out 5-3
25FlemingOUT 3 - Fly out to right
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
4th INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
9ShirkOUT 1 - Ground out 6-3
5NeiderhiserOUT 2 - Ground out to first
23WukichOUT 3 - Fly out to left
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
5th INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
29SulcoskiOUT 1 - Pop out to second
7WellsHIT - Ground ball single to right
8DeFrankE6 - Ball dropped at second on fielder's choice
4MulveyOUT 2 - Pop out to short
3ConstantiniOUT 3 - Fly out to right
0 R 1 H 1 E 2 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
5th INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
4TrexlerOUT 1 - Ground out 4-3
24RizzitanoOUT 2 - Ground out 5-3
2HelselOUT 3 - Called strike out
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
6th INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
30JackoOUT 1 - Pop out to first in foul territory
28KirkOUT 2 - Fly out to left
21MonahanOUT 3 - Fly out to left
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
6th INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
6BoyerOUT 1 - Fly out to short
1NegriOUT 2 - Line out to center
12WilliamsHIT - Single to right
9ShirkBase on balls
5NeiderhiserOUT 3 - Ground out 4-3
0 R 1 H 0 E 2 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
7th INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
25FlemingOUT 1 - Ground out 4-3
29SulcoskiOUT 2 - Fly out to right
7WellsHIT - Double to right
8DeFrankOUT 3 - Fly out to right
0 R 1 H 0 E 1 LOB = Johnstown leads 2-0
7th INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
23WukichOUT 1 - Ground out to first
4TrexlerOUT 2 - Swinging strike out
24RizzitanoHIT - Single to left
2HelselHIT/1-RUN/OUT 3 - Single to center; Rizzitano scores; Helsel out at second 8-2-6
1 R 2 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 3-0
8th INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
4MulveyHIT - Infield single
3ConstantiniMulvey steals second
OUT 1 - Line drive to left
30JackoOUTS 2 & 3 - Line drive to first, double play 3-6
0 R 1 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 3-0
8th INNING - Johnstown
Pitcher: Tim Brennan
6BoyerOUT 1 - Called strike out
1NegriOUT 2 - Pop out to second
12WilliamsOUT 3 - Fly out to center
0 R 0 H 0 E 0 LOB = Johnstown leads 3-0
9th INNING - Philadelphia
Pitcher: Shane Supanick
28KirkHIT - Single to right
21MonahanOUT 1 - Fielder's choice 6-5
25FlemingOUT 2 - Fly out to left
29SulcoskiOUT 3 - Pop out to short
0 R 1 H 0 E 1 LOB = Johnstown wins 3-0

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