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Chicago-Metropolitan, Illinois
70th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Monday August 4th - Sunday August 8th
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

2014 AAABA Champions Chicago-Metropolitan

Final Standings

PlaceBrFranchiseTeamManagerGmsW - LRFRADF123456
1UPChicago-MetropolitanDes Plaines PatriotsZac Charbonneau66 - 039309WWWWWW
2LWPhiladelphiaPhilly BanditsMike Gossner64 - 2382117WWWLWL
3LWJohnstownMartella's PharmacyChris Pfiel64 - 2362214WLWWWL
4UPNew BrunswickGreater Middlesex MatrixGlenn Fredericks53 - 2422418LWWWL  
5LWAltoonaWise Trailer SalesRick Westover53 - 2422715WWLWL  
6UPNew OrleansRecreation Department BoostersLou Wineski42 - 223230WLWL   
7LWSchenectadyPolish National Alliance EaglesCarmeron Curler42 - 21819-1WLWL   
8UPFlood CityLaurel Auto GroupMark Thomchick42 - 23437-3WWLL   
9LWYoungstownOhio GlaciersBob Mingo31 - 229245LWL    
10UPNew York CityDiamond BuddiesRico Pena31 - 23839-1WLL    
11LWColumbusColumbus JetsTony Perz31 - 21823-5LWL    
12UPLivoniaMichigan HurricanesLen Makowski31 - 21632-16LWL    
13UPBuffaloRoyal PrintingRobert Carnevale20 - 21015-5LL     
14UPBrooklynYouth Service LeagueQuintin Cedeno20 - 2914-5LL     
15LWZanesvilleJunior PioneersDave Balo20 - 2918-9LL     
16LWChicago-South ShoreSatchel Paige All StarsMario Ollarvia20 - 21447-33LL     
DNP--BaltimoreYouse's Maryland OriolesTim Norris   -           
DNP--Maryland Staten/an/a   -           

Pl = Place
Br = Upper or Lower Bracket
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number

* Baltimore withdrew bid at July 14th.
* Maryland State withdrew bid on July 15th.
* Cleveland was suspensed and did not compete.


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Date Time Game U/L H/A Winning Team Runs W/L U/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Mon-412:00pm1UPANew York City201-0UPHLivonia30-17iSomerset High School  
Mon-412:00pm2UPAFlood City51-0UPHBrooklyn40-1  Point Stadium 
Mon-412:00pm3UPHNew Orleans61-0UPABuffalo50-1  Roxbury Park 
Mon-412:00pm4UPAChicago-Metropolitan51-0UPHNew Brunswick20-1  Portage 
Mon-412:00pm5LWASchenectady71-0LWHColumbus50-1  Westmont Hilltop High School 
Mon-412:00pm6LWAPhiladelphia91-0LWHZanesville30-1  Fichtner Field 
Mon-412:00pm7LWHAltoona261-0LWAChicago-South Shore60-17iLilly  
Mon-47:30pm8LWHJohnstown111-0LWAYoungstown40-1  Point StadiumAttendance ~ 5500
Tue-512:00pm9UPAFlood City182-0UPHNew York City151-1  Point Stadium 
Tue-512:00pm10UPAChicago-Metropolitan102-0UPHNew Orleans81-1  Fichtner Field 
Tue-512:00pm11LWHPhiladelphia32-0LWASchenectady21-1  Somerset High School 
Tue-57:00pm12LWAAltoona22-0LWHJohnstown11-1  Point StadiumAttendance ~ 2700
Tue-510:00am13UPALivonia91-1UPHBrooklyn50-1  Lilly 
Tue-510:00am14UPANew Brunswick91-1UPHBuffalo50-1  Westmont Hilltop High School 
Tue-510:00am15LWAColumbus91-1LWHZanesville60-1  Roxbury Park 
Tue-512:00pm16LWAYoungstown211-1LWHChicago-South Shore80-1  Portage 
Wed-61:00pm17UPAChicago-Metropolitan93-0UPHFlood City82-1  Point Stadium 
Wed-612:00pm18LWHPhiladelphia53-0LWAAltoona32-1  Roxbury Park 
Wed-610:00am19UPANew Orleans72-1UPHLivonia41-2  Point Stadium 
Wed-67:00pm20LWAJohnstown102-1LWHColumbus41-2  Point StadiumAttendance ~ 1500
Wed-610:00am21UPHNew Brunswick182-1UPANew York City31-27iFichtner Field  
Wed-610:00am22LWHSchenectady52-1LWAYoungstown41-2  Westmont Hilltop High School 
Thu-71:00pm23UPAChicago-Metropolitan64-0LWHPhiladelphia53-1  Roxbury Park 
Thu-77:00pm24LWAJohnstown43-1UPHNew Orleans22-2  Point StadiumAttendance ~ 3000
Thu-710:00am25UPANew Brunswick73-1LWHSchenectady42-2  Fichtner Field 
Thu-712:00pm26LWAAltoona93-1UPHFlood City32-2  Point Stadium 
Fri-87:00pm27LWAJohnstown74-1UPHNew Brunswick63-2  Point Stadium 
Fri-81:00pm29LWHPhiladelphia124-1LWAAltoona23-27iPoint Stadium  
Fri-87:00pm28UPAChicago-Metropolitan45-0LWHJohnstown34-2  Point StadiumAttendance ~ 3000
Fri-87:00pm30UPAChicago-Metropolitan56-0LWHPhiladelphia44-2  Point Stadium 

U/L = Upper or Lower Bracket
H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)


In honor of the 70th anniversary of the AAABA, all teams were given a direct bid to Johnstown. Regionals were not held.

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