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Washington, D.C.
55th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Monday August 8th - Sunday August 15th
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Final Standings

Pl Br Franchise Team Manager Gms W - L RF RA DF 1 2 3 4 5 6
1UPWashingtonArlington SenatorsChris Burr66 - 0671255WWWWWW
2LWAltoonaL.S. Fiore General ContractingJames Ronan III64 - 2705317WWWLWL
3UPNew OrleansRecreation Department BoostersJoe Scheuermann64 - 2522626WLWWWL
4UPPhiladelphiaABCO PhilliesMike Gossner53 - 243358WLWWL
5LWJohnstownDelweldRoss Kelt53 - 24458-14WWLWL
6LWNew York CityLong Island BravesChris Cafiero / Mike Rayola42 - 23940-1WLWL
7UPChicago-MetroGlen Ellyn JamKeith Romer42 - 22937-8WWLL
8LWNew BrunswickSayrveille Red SoxRich Gers42 - 21828-10WLWL
9LWLansingCarl's SupermarketJohn Wilcox31 - 231274LWL
10LWSchenectadyBlue JaysBill Grasse31 - 220200LWL
11UPBrooklynBergen Beach TrojansCary Bisgyer31 - 2917-8LWL
12UPYoungstownWW HeatingBob Mingo31 - 21340-27LWL
13UPLivoniaDecision Consultants, Inc.Mike George20 - 2210-8LL
14UPElk CountyKeystone State Baseball AcademyTom Calliari / Mike Nesbit20 - 21425-11LL
15LWBuffaloValue VisionPat Barrows20 - 21223-11LL
16LWZanesvilleJunior PioneersDoug Pollock20 - 2820-12LL

Pl = Place
Br = Upper or Lower Bracket
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number


Date Time Game U/L H/A Winning Team Runs W/L U/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Mon-912:00pUPNew Orleans71-0UPLivonia20-1Pitt-Johnstown
Mon-912:00pUPChicago-Metro61-0UPBrooklyn20-1Nanty Glo
Mon-912:00pUPPhiladelphia161-0UPElk County60-1Revloc
Mon-912:00pUPWashington191-0UPYoungstown10-1St. Michael
Mon-912:00pLWNew York131-0LWZanesville70-1Roxbury Park
Mon-912:00pLWNew Brunswick71-0LWLansing60-1Franklin
Mon-97:30pLWJohnstown81-0LWBuffalo70-1Point Stadium
Tue-1012:00pLWSchenectady71-1LWZanesville10-2St. Michael
Tue-1012:00pUPYoungstown91-1UPElk County80-210IPoint Stadium
Tue-101:00pUPChicago-Metro92-0UPNew Orleans81-1Lilly
Tue-101:00pUPWashington82-0UPPhiladelphia21-1Roxbury Park
Tue-101:00pLWAltoona172-0LWNew York91-1Pitt-Johnstown
Tue-107:30pLWJohnstown82-0LWNew Brunswick51-1Point Stadium
Wed-1112:00pUPNew Orleans132-1UPYoungstown31-2Roxbury Park
Wed-1112:00pLWNew York152-1LWLansing101-2Point Stadium
Wed-117:30pLWAltoona163-0LWJohnstown62-17iPoint Stadium
Wed-1112:00pLWNew Brunswick62-1LWSchenectady51-2St. Michael
Thu-1210:00aUPPhiladelphia93-1LWNew Brunswick02-2Pitt-Johnstown
Thu-1210:00aUPNew Orleans63-1LWNew York22-2Roxbury Park
Thu-123:00pUPNew Orleans174-1UPPhiladelphia53-2Roxbury Park
Thu-121:00pUPWashington124-0LWAltoona13-1Point Stadium
Thu-127:30pLWJohnstown163-1UPChicago-Metro122-2Point Stadium
Fri-1312:00pUPWashington55-0UPNew Orleans14-2Point Stadium
Fri-137:30pLWJohnstownLWAltoonaPoint StadiumPostponed (rain)
Sat-147:00pLWAltoona184-1LWJohnstown63-2Point Stadium
Sun-151:00pUPWashington126-0LWAltoona54-2Point Stadium

U/L = Upper or Lower Bracket
H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)

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