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Washington, D.C.
54th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Saturday August 8th - Friday August 14th
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Final Standings

Pl Br Franchise Team Manager Gms W - L RF RA DF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1UPWashingtonArlington SenatorsChris Burr76 - 1784236WWWWLWW
2LWPhiladelphiaABCO PhilliesMike Gossner75 - 2937023LWWWWWL
3LWLivoniaDecision Consultants, Inc.Mike George64 - 25259-7WWWLWL
4UPMaryland Staten/aRichie Pfaff53 - 2503713WLWWL
5LWBrooklynYouth Service LeagueDennis Oates53 - 23134-3WWLWL
6LWJohnstownWise Trailer SalesPaul Knupp42 - 231310LWWL
7UPNew OrleansRecreation Department BoostersJoe Scheuermann42 - 226260WWLL
8UPElk CountyKeystone State Baseball Academy (Dubois)Tom Calliari / Mike Nesbit42 - 23840-2WLWL
9LWSchenectadyBlue JaysTJ Dwyer31 - 22224-2WLL
10LWYoungstownToyota YoungstownBob Mingo31 - 22528-3WLL
11UPMilfordTown TeamDave Niro31 - 22731-4LWL
12UPColumbus Westerville AthleticsGar Trusley31 - 22134-13LWL
13UPBaltimoreCorrigan InsuranceJason King20 - 22025-5LL
14LWNew BrunswickSayreville Police Benevolence Association (PBA)Rich Gers20 - 22028-8LL
15UPAltoonaL.S. Fiore General ContractingJames Ronan III20 - 21022-12LL
16LWLansingJohnny Mac'sJohn Wilcox20 - 21326-13LL

Pl = Place
Br = Upper or Lower Bracket
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number


Date Time Game U/L H/A Winning Team Runs W/L U/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Sat-812:00pUPMaryland State51-0UPAltoona10-1Lilly
Sat-812:00pUPNew Orleans41-0UPMilford20-1Roxbury Park
Sat-812:00pUPElk County51-0UPColumbus00-1Nanty Glo
Sat-812:00pLWSchenectady41-0LWNew Brunswick30-110iFranklin
Sat-812:00pLWLivonia91-0LWPhiladelphia80-111iSt. Michael
Sat-87:30pLWBrooklyn81-0LWJohnstown60-1Point Stadium
Sun-92:00pUPNew Orleans162-0UPMaryland State141-1Nanty Glo
Sun-92:00pUPWashington132-0UPElk County61-1Lilly
Sun-92:00pLWBrooklyn82-0LWYoungstown41-1St. Michael
Sun-912:00pUPMilford171-1UPAltoona90-2Point Stadium
Sun-912:00pLWAPhiladelphia241-1LWHNew Brunswick170-213iRoxbury Park
Sun-97:30pLWJohnstownLWLansingPoint StadiumSuspended in the xth (rain)
Mon-10n/aUPMaryland State142-1UPColumbus41-2n/a
Mon-10n/aLWYoungstownLWPhiladelphian/aSuspended in the xth (rain)
Mon-10n/aUPElk County182-1UPMilford81-2n/a
Mon-10n/aUPWashington53-0UPNew Orleans32-1n/a
Mon-10n/aLWLivoniaLWBrooklynn/aSuspended in the xth (rain)
Mon-10n/aLWJohnstownLWLansingPoint StadiumPostponed (rain)
Tue-1112:00pLWJohnstown141-1LWLansing30-2Point StadiumCompletion
Tue-112:00pUPWashington194-0LWLivonia83-1St. Michael
Tue-112:00pLWBrooklyn53-1UPNew Orleans32-2Lilly
Tue-1112:00pLWPhiladelphia102-1LWYoungstown91-2Roxbury ParkCompletion
Tue-112:00pLWPhiladelphia193-1UPElk County92-2Roxbury Park
Tue-117:30pLWJohnstown82-1LWSchenectady71-2Point Stadium
Wed-1212:00pLWLivonia124-1LWBrooklyn23-2Point Stadium
Wed-127:30pUPMaryland State133-1LWJohnstown32-2Point Stadium
Thu-1312:00pLWPhiladelphia134-1UPMaryland State43-2Point Stadium
Thu-137:30pLWPhiladelphia115-1UPWashington54-1Point Stadium
Fri-1412:00pUPWashington115-1LWLivonia14-2Point Stadium
Fri-147:30pUPWashington176-1LWPhiladelphia85-2Point Stadium

U/L = Upper or Lower Bracket
H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)

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