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Baltimore, Maryland
46th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Monday August 13th - Saturday August 18th
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Final Standings

Pl Br Franchise Team Manager Gms W - L RF RA DF 1 2 3 4 5 6
1UPBaltimoreJohnny's Auto SalesNorman Gilden66 - 0963759WWWWWW
2UPYoungstownAstro FalconsBob Mingo64 - 245414WWLWWL
3UPDetroitAdray ApplianceBob Atkins64 - 259554LWWWWL
4LWChicago-MetroChicago Nortwestn/a53 - 24248-6WWWLL
5LWLansingGoad RealtyGary Goad53 - 23137-6WLWWL
6LWJohnstownPepsi-ColaDee-Dee Osborne42 - 2422517WWLL
7LWMaryland StateWagner Orioles of Glen Burnien/a42 - 2453015LWWL
8UPWashingtonReston Raidersn/a42 - 239354WLWL
9UPNew OrleansRecreation Department Boostersn/a31 - 22829-1WLL
10LWAltoonaL.S. Fiore General ContractingRon Fiochetta31 - 21722-5LWL
11UPBrooklynBaron De Kalb Cadets / Knights of Columbusn/a31 - 22534-9LWL
12LWWaterburyConnecticut YankeesDick Yuskas31 - 21634-18WLL
13UPMilfordn/an/a20 - 21121-10LL
14UPBuffaloJack Adkins ChevroletJim Gibson20 - 21627-11LL
15LWNew York CityBayside Yankeesn/a20 - 2823-15LL
16LWZanesvilleJunior PionerrsDoug Pollock20 - 2426-22LL

Pl = Place
Br = Upper or Lower Bracket
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number


Date Time Game U/L H/A Winning Team Runs W/L U/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Mon-1310:00aLWHLansing71-0LWAMaryland State60-1Point Stadium
Mon-1312:00pUPHYoungstown141-0UPABrooklyn40-17iNew Florence
Mon-1312:00pUPANew Orleans161-0UPHBuffalo100-1Roxbury Park 2
Mon-1312:00pUPAWashington91-0UPHMilford50-1Conemaugh Valley HS
Mon-1312:00pLWHChicago-Metro111-0LWANew York10-17iNanty Glo
Mon-137:30pLWHJohnstown141-0LWAZanesville00-17iPoint Stadium
Tue-1410:00aUPABrooklyn111-1UPHBuffalo60-2Point Stadium
Tue-1412:00pLWAAltoona121-1LWHZanesville40-2Nanty Glo
Tue-1412:00pLWHMaryland State121-1LWANew York70-2Conemaugh Valley HS
Tue-141:00pUPABaltimore122-0UPHWashington111-1Roxbury Park 2
Tue-141:00pUPAYoungstown82-0UPHNew Orleans31-1Vo-Tech
Tue-142:00pUPADetroit121-1UPHMilford60-2Point Stadium
Tue-147:30pLWAJohnstown142-0LWHWaterbury31-1Point Stadium
Wed-1510:00aLWALansing112-1LWHAltoona31-2Point Stadium
Wed-1512:00pLWAMaryland State182-1LWHWaterbury61-2Roxbury Park 2
Wed-151:00pUPHBaltimore73-0UPAYoungstown32-1Conemaugh Valley HS
Wed-152:00pUPADetroit112-1UPHNew Orleans91-213iPoint Stadium
Wed-157:30pLW-Chicago-Metro143-0LW-Johnstown132-1Point Stadium
Thu-1610:00aUPHDetroit83-1UPAWashington52-2Conemaugh Valley HS
Thu-1610:00aLWHLansing103-1LWAMaryland State92-211iRoxbury Park 2
Thu-1611:00aUPABaltimore224-0LWHChicago-Metro03-17iPoint Stadium
Thu-163:00pUPHDetroit74-1LWALansing12-2Point Stadium
Thu-167:30pUPHYoungstown83-1LWAJohnstown12-2Point Stadium
Fri-171:00pUPAYoungstown104-1LWHChicago-Metro53-2Point Stadium
Fri-177:30pUPHBaltimore135-0UPADetroit114-2Point Stadium
Sat-181:00pUPHBaltimore216-0UPAYoungstown24-27iPoint Stadium

U/L = Upper or Lower Bracket
H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)

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