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Baltimore, Maryland
45th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Saturday August 12th - Saturday August 19th
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

In memory of the 100th anniversary of the Great Johnstown Flood, all 21 franchises were automatically qualified for the national tournament. Additionally, the city of Johnstown was given a second entry in the tournament, represented by the city league's runner up. On this site, the main Johnstown entry is listed as "Johnstown" and the secondary is listed as "Johnstown (R)" for runner-up.

Final Standings

Pl Br Franchise Team Manager Gms W - L RF RA DF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1?BaltimoreJohnny's Auto SalesWalter Youse88 - 0983959WWWWWWWW
2?WaterburyCollegiansDick Yuskas75 - 24352-9WWWLWWL
3?Chicago-MetroTeam Chicago NorthwestAdam Warnbach64 - 2664323WWLWWL
4?DetroitAdray ApplianceBob Atkins64 - 256497WLWWWL
5?New OrleansRecreation Department BoostersLouis "Rags" Scheuermann53 - 2342212WWWLL
6?LivoniaWalter's Home Appliancen/a53 - 243349WLWWL
7?AltoonaL.S. Fiore General Contractingn/a53 - 246451LWWWL
8?LansingMount Pleasant Drillersn/a42 - 2332310LWWL
9?Maryland StateWagner Orioles of Glen Burnien/a42 - 22025-5WLWL
10?WashingtonReston Raidersn/a42 - 22632-6WWLL
11?New BrunswickEdison Boys Baseballn/a31 - 223212LWL
12?YoungstownTeam Logon/a31 - 21821-3LWL
13?Johnstown (R)Coca-ColaBob Christner31 - 22532-7LWL
14?JohnstownPepsi-ColaDee-Dee Osborne31 - 21825-7WLL
15?New York CityBayside YankeesMarc Cuseta31 - 22534-9WLL
16?ZanesvilleJunior Pioneersn/a31 - 21425-11WLL
17?MilfordTown Teamn/a20 - 22024-4LL
18?PhiladelphiaLower Bucks Countyn/a20 - 21116-5LL
19?BuffaloTown Boys Clubn/a20 - 21322-9LL
20?BrooklynYouth Service Leaguen/a20 - 21024-14LL
21?Columbusn/an/a20 - 2519-14LL
22?ClevelandMill-Rose, Co.n/a20 - 2424-20LL

Pl = Place
Br = Upper or Lower Bracket
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number


Date Time Game U/L H/A Winning Team Runs W/L U/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Sat-1212:00pALivonia111-0HBrooklyn70-1Highland Field
Sat-1212:00pANew Orleans101-0HLansing80-1Seward
Sat-1212:00pHMaryland State61-0AMilford40-1Roxbury Park Field 2
Sat-1212:00pHWashington61-0AColumbus40-1Conemaugh Valley HS
Sat-1212:00pHWaterbury81-0ANew Brunswick20-1Homer City
Sat-1212:00pHZanesville51-0APhiladelphia10-1Nanty Glo
Sat-1212:00pANew York111-0HFlood City80-1Point Stadium
Sat-127:30pAJohnstown81-0HAltoona40-1Point Stadium
Sun-131:00pHChicago-Metro142-0ANew York41-18iHomer City
Sun-131:00pANew Orleans112-0HDetroit41-1Point Stadium
Sun-131:00pAWaterbury82-0HLivonia41-1Conemaugh Valley HS
Sun-131:00pABaltimore92-0HMaryland State51-1Vo-Tech
Sun-137:30pAWashington132-0HJohnstown91-1Point Stadium
Sun-131:00pHFlood City111-1APhiladelphia100-2Roxbury Park Field 2
Sun-131:00pALansing131-1HColumbus10-2Highland Field
Sun-131:00pAYoungstown131-1HBrooklyn30-2New Florence
Sun-131:00pHNew Brunswick191-1ACleveland10-27iWindber
Sun-13BYEZanesville (Bye)
Sun-13BYEBuffalo (Bye)
Mon-1412:00pADetroit112-1HFlood City61-2Vo-Tech
Mon-147:30pHMaryland State82-1AJohnstown11-2Point Stadium
Mon-1412:00pAAltoona122-1HNew Brunswick21-28iHighland
Mon-141:00pANew Orleans103-0HZanesville01-17iRoxbury Park
Mon-141:00pABaltimore103-0HChicago-Metro22-1Conemaugh Valley HS
Mon-141:00pHWaterbury73-0AWashington62-1Nanty Glo
Mon-1410:00aHLivonia62-1AYoungstown51-2Point Stadium
Mon-142:00pALansing112-1HBuffalo60-2Point Stadium
Mon-14BYENew York (Bye)
Tue-1510:00aAChicago-Metro143-1HZanesville91-2Point Stadium
Tue-152:00pHAltoona123-1AWashington12-27iPoint Stadium
Tue-157:30pABaltimore174-0HWaterbury53-18iPoint Stadium
Tue-1512:00pADetroit123-1HNew York101-2Roxbury Park
Tue-1512:00pALivonia113-1HMaryland State12-28iVo-Tech
Tue-15BYENew Orleans (Bye)
Tue-15BYELansing (Bye)
Wed-167:30pAChicago-Metro184-1HAltoona03-2Point Stadium
Wed-1610:00aHDetroit134-1ALivonia113-2Point Stadium
Wed-162:00pABaltimore35-0HNew Orleans13-1Point Stadium
Wed-1612:00pAWaterbury64-1HLansing12-2Roxbury Park
Thu-171:00pAWaterbury75-1HNew Orleans23-2Point Stadium
Thu-177:30pHBaltimore116-0ADetroit44-2Point Stadium
Thu-17BYEChicago-Metro (Bye)
Fri-187:30pABaltimore177-0HChicago-Metro134-2Point Stadium
Sat-193:00pHBaltimore208-0AWaterbury25-2Point Stadium

U/L = Upper or Lower Bracket
H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)

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