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Detroit, Michigan
34th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Wednesday August 16th - Tuesday August 22nd
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Final Standings

Pl Franchise Team Manager Gms W - L RF RA DF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1DetroitAdray ApplianceBob Atkins76 - 1653530WWWWWLW
2New OrleansNORD-CandiesLouis "Rags" Scheuermann75 - 2482820WWWLWWL
3YoungstownMalone-DayDave Schmidt64 - 240319LWWWWL
4WashingtonStroube's MobilDoug Aoughlan53 - 2433013LWWWL
5MilfordTown TeamBill Fertitta53 - 216106WWLWL
6Columbusn/aDon Thacker42 - 2443113LWWL
7CincinnatiWilson FreightHal Pennington42 - 227189WWLL
8BaltimoreJohnny's Auto SalesBernie Walter42 - 22223-1LWWL
9New York CityMount Vernon HawksJoe Pareres31 - 21216-4WLL
10PhiladelphiaFox Rox Athletic AssociationJerome Bilbee31 - 21824-6WLL
11BrooklynYouth Service LeagueMel Zitter31 - 22242-20WLL
12Ann ArborLivonia Griffon Sports ShopRoger Mayer31 - 21840-22WLL
13BuffaloLamm PostFenton Harrison20 - 2811-3LL
14Maryland StateMike's Auto MartCharley Sullivan20 - 21421-7LL
15JohnstownRichland MallClarence Lewis20 - 2113-12LL
16Fort Waynen/aSim Nelson20 - 2530-25LL

Pl = Place
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number


Date Time Game H/A Winning Team Runs W/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Wed-161:00pHCincinnati181-0AFort Wayne50-1Highland
Wed-161:00pHNew Orleans51-0AYoungstown40-1Franklin
Wed-161:00pADetroit131-0HBaltimore60-1Roxbury Park
Wed-161:00pHBrooklyn91-0ABuffalo70-1Miller Field
Wed-161:00pANew York101-0HMaryland State40-1Vo-Tech
Wed-167:30pAAnn Arbor81-0HJohnstown00-1Point Stadium
Thu-1712:00pHCincinnati42-0APhiladelphia31-1Point Stadium
Thu-171:00pHNew Orleans162-0AAnn Arbor31-1Roxbury Park
Thu-171:00pHColumbus121-1AFort Wayne00-2Vo-Tech
Thu-171:00pAWashington111-1HMaryland State100-2Franklin
Thu-173:30pHMilford42-0ANew York01-1Point Stadium
Thu-177:30pAYoungstown51-1HJohnstown10-2Point Stadium
Fri-1812:00pAColumbus132-1HBrooklyn71-2Point Stadium
Fri-181:00pHWashington242-1AAnn Arbor71-2Roxbury Park
Fri-181:00pHYoungstown82-1ANew York21-2Franklin
Fri-183:30pANew Orleans73-0HCincinnati52-1Point Stadium
Fri-187:30pHDetroit53-0AMilford32-1Point Stadium
Sat-1912:00pHWashington53-1ABaltimore42-2Point Stadium
Sat-191:00pHMilford33-1ACincinnati02-2Roxbury Park
Sat-193:30pADetroit54-0HNew Orleans03-1Point Stadium
Sat-197:30pHYoungstown54-1AWashington33-2Point Stadium
Sun-201:00pANew Orleans54-1HMilford23-2Point Stadium
Sun-204:00pADetroit115-0HYoungstown54-2Point Stadium
Mon-217:30pANew Orleans95-1HDetroit25-1Point Stadium
Tue-227:30pADetroit76-1HNew Orleans65-212iPoint Stadium

H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)

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