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Detroit, Michigan
25th Annual All American Amateur Baseball Association National Tournament
Wednesday August 20th - Tuesday August 26th
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Final Standings

Pl Franchise Team Manager Gms W - L RF RA DF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1DetroitAdray ApplianceFrank Freeburn76 - 1532033WWWWLWW
2BaltimoreJohnny's-Leone'sBernie Walter75 - 2443014WLWWWWL
3New OrleansNORD-Mid City KiwanisLouis "Rags" Scheuermann64 - 2564214WWWLWL
4Ann ArborRedford TownshipBob Atkins53 - 22432-8WLWWWL
5WashingtonMartz InsuranceEdsel Martz53 - 23040-10WWLWL
6MilfordTown TeamBill Fertitta42 - 2271512WWLL
7ZanesvilleJunior PioneersFrank Carpenter42 - 21619-3WLWL
8PhiladelphiaABCO BulbsHarry Gutelius, Jr.42 - 21927-8LWWL
9Fort WayneCity LightNorman Kramer31 - 21214-2LWL
10AllentownParkland Athletic ClubCharles "Cookie" Hauze31 - 21720-3WLL
11Maryland StateCheverlyBill Vaughan31 - 21015-5LWL
12PittsburghPolice Athletic LeagueJim Rawe31 - 2719-12LWL
13New York CityBonnie CubsJoe Bonnie, Jr.20 - 2810-2LL
14JohnstownKline's AmusementJohn "Abe" Heider20 - 2812-4LL
15TorontoNationalsWalter Jeffries20 - 2613-7LL
16New BrunswickSayreville Athletic AssociationJim Greenhaus20 - 2312-9LL

Pl = Place
Gms = Total Games Played
W - L = Win/Loss Record
RF = Runs Scored For
RA = Runs Scored Against
DF = Difference between RF and RA
# = Game Number


Date Time Game H/A Winning Team Runs W/L H/A Losing Team Runs W/L Inn Field Notes
Wed-201:00pHAllentown61-0ANew Brunswick30-1Engh Field
Wed-201:00pHWashington81-0AMaryland State00-1Price Memorial Field
Wed-201:00pHNew Orleans51-0AFort Wayne40-1Roxbury Park 1
Wed-201:00pHBaltimore51-0ANew York City40-1Roxbury Park 3
Wed-207:30pHAnn Arbor81-0AJohnstown50-1Point Stadium
Thu-2110:00aAMaryland State61-1HNew Brunswick00-2Fichtner
Thu-2110:00aAFort Wayne51-1HNew York City40-2Franklin
Thu-2110:00aAWashington62-0HAllentown11-1Roxbury Park 3
Thu-2110:00aHDetroit82-0AAnn Arbor11-1Price Memorial Field
Thu-2110:00aAMilford142-0HZanesville31-1Engh Field
Thu-2112:00pANew Orleans72-0HBaltimore51-1Point Stadium
Thu-213:00pAAnn Arbor72-1HMaryland State41-211iRoxbury Park 3
Thu-213:00pAZanesville52-1HFort Wayne31-2Cochran
Thu-213:30pHPhiladelphia112-1AAllentown101-2Point Stadium
Thu-217:30pABaltimore82-1HPittsburgh11-2Point Stadium
Fri-222:00pABaltimore53-1HPhiladelphia32-2Roxbury Park 3
Fri-222:00pHAnn Arbor23-1AZanesville12-2Price Memorial Field
Fri-224:00pHNew Orleans243-0AWashington62-1Point Stadium
Fri-227:30pADetroit43-0HMilford12-1Point Stadium
Sat-232:00pHWashington63-1AMilford52-2Price Memorial Field
Sat-234:00pHBaltimore144-1AAnn Arbor63-2Point Stadium
Sat-237:30pHDetroit134-0ANew Orleans43-1Point Stadium
Sun-242:00pHNew Orleans104-1AWashington43-2Point Stadium
Sun-24DHABaltimore55-1HDetroit44-1Point Stadium
Mon-257:30pHDetroit105-1ANew Orleans64-2Point Stadium
Tue-267:30pADetroit56-1HBaltimore25-2Point Stadium

H/A = Home or Away
Inn = Innings Played (Scheduled for 9)

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